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Das Jahr 2.020 - Der Playlists & Reading-Lists Über-Rücken-Blick 2.020

Schafe Schüsse Jahres-Über-Rücken-Blick PLAYLIST 2.020

*diese Auflistung wurde in alphabetischer Abfolge erstellt, um es etwas einfacher im Blick zu halten


DauerbrennerAlben/Streams/Wiederentdeckungen 2.020


- AC/DC "Highway To Hell" (1.979; Hard Rock)

- Alice In Chains "Dirt" (1.992; Grunge Rock/Alternative Rock)

- Angelic Upstarts "The Punk Singles Collection" [Best Of Compilation] (2.004; Punk/Oi! Punk)

- Audioslave "Revelations" (2.006; Alterntive Rock)


- Big Black "Songs About Fucking" (1.987; Punk/Crossover/Hardcore/Noise)

- Billie Eilish "Reading Festival 2019" (2.019; Alternative Pop) 

- Blood Feast "The Future State Of Wicked" (2.017; Old School Thrash Metal)

- Blue October "Argue With A Tree" [Livealbum] (2.004; Alternative Rock/Rock), "Things We Do At Night, Live From Texas" [Livealbum] (2.015; Alternative Rock/Rock)


- Civet "Love & War" (2.011; Punk Rock)

- COR "Lieber tot als Sklave" (2.015; Punk/Crossover/Rock)*

- Critical Mess "Man Made Machine Made Man" (2.019; Death Metal)


- D.A.D. "A Prayer For The Loud" (2.018; Rock/Blues Rock/Hard Rock)*

- Deaf Rat "Ban The Light" (2.019; Melodic Hard Rock)*

- Destruction "Live Without Sense" [Livealbum] (1.989; Thrash Metal)**


- Edge Of Sanity "Unorthodox" (1.992; Death Metal)

- Eschenbach "Mein Stamm" (2.019; Crossover/Rock)*


- Fear Factory "Soul Of A New Machine" (1.992; Industrial-Cyber Metal/Crossover)


- Hole "Celebrity Skin" (1.998; Grunge Rock/Rock)


- Kittie "Origins/Evolutions" [Livealbum] (2.018; Metal)

- Krückenkrieger "Alles auf Anfang!!!" (2.016; Punk)


- Lotte "Glück" (2.019; Singer/Songwriter/Alternative Acoustic PopRock), "Querfeldein" (2.017; Singer/Songwriter/Alternative Acoustic PopRock)


- Metallica "Hardwired…To Self-Destruct" (2.016; Metal/Thrash Metal)*, 


- P!nk "Hurts 2BHuman" (2.019; Pop)

- Pro Pain "Voice Of Rebellion" (2.015; Hardcore/Crossover)*


- Sepultura "Nation" (2.001; Metal/Metalcore)

- Shock Therapy "Live From Hell" [Livealbum] (2.012; Alternative Psycho Goth Pop)

- Sodom "Expurse Of Sodomy" [EP] (1.987; Blackened Thrash Metal)

- Suicidal Tendencies "Still Cyco After All These Years" (1.993; Crossover/Skate Core/Metal), "Get Your Fight On" [EP] (2.018; Crossover/Skate Metal)


- Tankard "Open All Night Reloaded, Live At Rock Hard Festival 2007" [Livealbum] (2.009; Thrash Metal)

- The Exploited "The Singles 1980-83" (2.015; Punk/Hardcore Punk), "Beat The Bastards" (1.996; Hardcore Punk)

- The Horibillies "Horrible Rockabilly Punx" (2.012; Psychobilly Punk Rock)*


- ZZ Top "Afterburner" (1.985; Rock)


Alben des Jahres 2.020


- Ages "Uncrown" (2.020; Epic Black Metal)*

- Alanis Morissette "Such Pretty Forks In The Road" (2.020; Alternative Pop/Rock)

- Ascension Of The Watchers "Apocrypha" (2.020; Epic Superworld Music/Spirutual Rock/Gothic)*


- Benediction "Scriptures" (2.020; Death Metal)

- Böhse Onkelz "Böhse Onkelz" (2.020; Rock)*


- C.O.R. "Friendensmüde" (2.020; Punk Rock/Rock/Metal/Crossover)*

- Cuttin' Edge "Face Down" (2.020; Punk)* 


- Dead Quiet "Truth And Ruin" (2.020; Post Hard Rock/Metal/Spiritual Rock)*


- Enigma Experience "Question Mark" (2.020; Stoner/Sludge/Spiritual Rock/Hard Rock/Metal)*

- Eskrement Beton/Asselterror "Rattendisco" [Promo Split CD] (2.020; Punk Rock/Punk)*


- Girls In Synthesis "Now Here's An Echo From Your Future" (2.020; Punk/Noise/Experimental)*


- Igorrr "Parpaing" (2.020; Breakcore/Trip Core Crossover/PC Age/ Experimental Metal/Metal)*


- Mad Sin "Unbreakable" (2.020; Psychobilly/Punk Rock/Rock 'N' Roll)*

- Maid Of Ace "Live Faster Or Die" (2.020; Punk)*

- Moscow Death Brigade "Bad Accent Anthems" (2.020; EDM-Hardcore-Metal-Drum'n'Bass-Techno-Rap-Punk)*

- Moses Pelham "Emuna" (2.020; Hip Hop/Pop/Alternative)


- Nuclear "Murder Of Crows" (2.020; Thrash Metal/HardcorePunk/Crossover)*


- Ötzi "Strom" (2.020; Dark Punk/Post-Punk/Batcave/Death Punk/Gothic)*


- Perdition Sect "End Times" (2.020; Hardcore Punk/Crust/Thrash-/Death Metal)* [formerly known as Hell Is Here]

- Pogendroblem "Ich-Wir" [Doppel-EP] (2.020; Punk/Punk* Rock/HardcorePunk/Crossover)*

- Pyogenesis "A Silent Soul Screams Loud" (2.020; Alternative Steampunk Metal/Rock)*


- Savage Blood "Downfall" (2.020; Melodic Power Thrash Metal)*


- The Janitors "Backstreet Ditties" (2.020; Street Rock/StreetPunk/Oi Punk)*

- To Dust "Nightmare Cycles" [EP] (2.020; Crust/Grind/ Brutal Death Metal)*


- Venom "Sons Of Satan" (2.020; Black Metal)*

- Vltimas "Something Wicked Marched In" (2.019; Death Metal)*


- War On Women "Wonderful Hell" (2.020; Feminist HardcorePunkRock/Crossover/Metal)*


Einzelsongbrenner des Jahres 2.020 

(*neue und Wiederentdeckungen)

- Accept "The Undertaker"

- Acid Reign feat. Suzanne Vega "Blood Makes Noise" (Lockdown Version 2020)

- Alanis Morissette "Reckoning", "Pedestal"

- Alice Cooper "Don't Give Up" 

- Angelic Upstarts "Police Oppression"

- Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton "Freedom"

- Arcade Fire "No Cars Go"


- B-Tight feat. Ferris MC, Swiss & Tamas "Keine Gefangenen"

- Benediction "Rabid Carnality" 

- Berge "Let Us All Unite" (Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator Speech)

- Bettman "Bettmanlied"

- Billie Eilish "No Time To Die"

- Black Bomb A feat. Wattie Buchan "The Burning Road"

- Black Label Society "In This River (Doom Troopin' Live)"

- Blue October "Ugly Side" (Live), Feat. Blue Reed "Fight For Love", "This Is What Live For", "All That We Are", "Weight Of The World"

- Blue Pills "Proud Woman"

- Bob Dylan "Hurricane"

- Body Count feat. Amy Lee "When I'M Gone"


- Chaos Rising "Thrive"  

- Chelsea Wolfe "American Darkness"

- Cochon Double "La Vie Continue"

- C.O.R. "Segeln", "Freiheit", "Was man von hieraus sehen kann" 

- Colt Clark And The Quarantine Kids "Great Balls of Fire" 

- Cryptosis "Decypher" 


- DAF "Alle gegen alle" 

- Dame "Tagträume"

- Dave Edmunds "I Hear You Knocking"

- Days 'N Daze "Call The Coroner"

- Dead Girls Academy "Addicted To Your Heart" 

- Dead Venus "The Sirens Call" 

- Demi Lovato "Father" (Live) 

- Destruction "Curse The Gods" (Live @ Party.San) 

- Dictator Ship "From The Womb To The Tomb" 

- Die Dorks "Dispo Pogo"

- Die Skeptiker "Der Rufer in der Wüste" (Live)

- Don't Sleep "No Other Way"

- Dota Kehr "Wo soll ich suchen?"

- Dystopian Society "Violations"


- Enigma Experience "Lonewolf"

- Erosion "Aftermath"

- Exilia "Stop Playing God", "Mr. Man", "Closer" 

- Expellow "Game Insane"


- Faith No More "Ashes To Ashes" 

- Farin Urlaub "Ok" 

- Farmer Boys "Where The Sun Never Shines"

- Fear "I Love Living In The City" 

- Foo Fighters "Home"

- Fynn Kliemann "Bau mich auseinander"


- Generation Breakdown "Smoke The Sky"

- Ghostemane "Bonesaw", "Gatteka"

- Godslave "To The Flame" (Live) 

- Grey Daze "Soul Song" 


- Hands Off Gretel "She Thinks She's Punk Rock 'N Roll", "Territorial Pissings" (Nirvana Cover) 

- Hans Zimmer "Requiem For A Dream" 

- Haze Van Der Lubbe "Volare"

- Heaven Shall Burn "My Heart And The Ocean"

- Heavy Feather "Bright In My Mind" 

- Higher Power "Low Season"


- Idle Hands "By Way Of Kingdom"

- In Flames "Stay With Me"

- Ison "Isae" 


- Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School of Medicine "We Created Putin"


- Kalandra "Slow Motion", "Borders" 

- Kali Masi "The Stray" 

- Keks "Hasch mich Mädchen" 

- King 810 "Bad Man"

- Kitty In A Casket "Easy Street" (The Walking Dead Theme Cover)

- Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative / Silvertomb), Alex Skolnick (Testament), John, Lamacchia (Candiria / Spylacopa) "Fairies Wear Boots" (Black Sabbath Cover)

- Korn "Would?" (Alice In Chains Cover) 

- Kotzreiz "Wer is wieder da"

 - Kettenfett "Eingeplant"


- L7 feat. Joan Jett "Fake Friends"  

- Lady Beast "Vicious Breed" 

- Larkin Poe "In My Time Of Dying" (Led Zeppelin Cover)

- Larrikins "Geteiltes Leid" (BLM Studio Sessions)

- Laura Korinth "Hold Me", "Free My Soul"

- Layndinah "Denial-Nation"

- Le_Mol "Hands" 

- Let Us Prey "Above The Vaulted Sky" 

- Lina Maly "Als du gingst (Akustik Session 2020)" (Live), "Schön genug" (Live Akustik)

- Lost Culture "1984" (Live at Supamolly 2020) 

- Lotte "Was du nicht sagst" (YouTube Music Session),  "Alles zieht vorbei (Live)

- Louise Patricia Crane "Ophelia" 

- Love A "Trümmer" 


- Mad Sin "Are You Ready?" 

- Maid Of Ace "The Terror", "Repent"  

- Marie Chain "Judgement Day" 

- Matze Rossi "Milliarden"

- McKenna Breinholt, Rob Gardner & Cinematic Pop Choir and Orchestra "Smells Like Teen Sprit" (Live; Nirvana Cover) 

- Miley Cyrus feat. Noah Cyrus Perform “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” 

- Mimi Barks "11.Plague/666"

- Ministry "Burning Inside" (Live at Graspop 2019)

- Morgan Lander, Jeff Phillips & Michael Sage "Snap your Fingers/Snap your Neck" (Prong Cover), + Jeff Phillips, Michael Sage "Buried Dreams" feat. Marc Rizzo  (Carcass Cover) 

- Moses Pelham "Der Mond hört mir zu", "Juli", "Backstein" 

- Mars Red Sky "Up The Stairs"

- Mazzy Star "Fade Into You" 


- Negro Terror "Voice of Memphis" (Live)

- Neil Diamond "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon"

- Newsted "Soldierhead"

- New Model Army "Where I Am"

- NOFX "I Love You More Than I Hate Me"


- OHL "Religion" 

- Orange Goblin "Blue Show"


- Paul Kalkbrenner "Feed Your Head"

- Peter Pan Speedrock "Bad Fun" (The Cult Cover)

- Phase Reverse "Delete"  

- Pro Pain "Stand Tall"

- Project Renegade "Respirator" [Acoustic] 

- Provinz "Augen sind rot", "Wenn die Party vorbei ist"


- Rage Against The Machine "Sleep Now In The Fire"

- Ray Wilson "Mother Earth" 

- Reptilians From Andromeda "Midnight Scenes"

- Rise Against "Swing Life Away"

- Rödelheim Hartreim Projekt "Guter Tag"


- Saltatio Mortis, Henning Wehland & Swiss + Die Andern "Mittelfinger Richtung Zukunft"

- Sarah Lesch & Kat "The Times Are A-Changing" (Bob Dylan Cover) 

- Scala & Kolacny Brothers "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Live; Nirvana Cover) 

- Schwester S "Pass auf"

- Sela Sue "You" 

- Shellac "Copper"

- Shöck "No Son Para Mi"

- Space Chaser "Aggressive Perfector" (Slayer Cover) 

- Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel "Make Me Smile"

- Stinky "Storm Surge", Struggle" 

- Stonefield "Far From Earth"

- Stuck Mojo "Not Promised Tomorrow" 

- Such A Surge "Ideale" 

- Suicidal Tendencies "How Will I Lough Tomorrow?" 

- Syndrom 81 "A Feu Et Á Sang" (Live)


- Testament "Children Of The Next Level" 

- The Business "Streets Where You Live" 

- Therapy? "Die Laughing" (Acoustic Version)

- Total Vandal "Merdeka Atu Mati" 


- Undeadz feat. Matt Gonzo Roehr "Poser"  


- Violet Orlandi "You Oughta Know" (Alanis Morrissette Cover) 

- Virus "Force Recon"

- Void Inn "Stay Young"  

- VSK "Der Wind hat sich gedreht"


- Wirtz "Das verheißene Glück" (Homeoffice Version), "Geschichten ohne Sieger" (Unplugged Version), "Wer wir waren" (Unplugged)

- Witchrider "You Lied" 

- Worst "Vencedores" 


- Xavier Rudd "Spirit Bird"


- Zimbl "Hurt" (Nine Inch Nails Cover) 


Klasse Lesestoff im Laufe des Jahres 2.020

- Daniel Krause "Freiheit unterm Ladentisch, Mein Leben als Punk in der DDR" [Riva Verlag/Münchner Verlagsgruppe GmbH] (2.019; Autobiografie)

- Deaf Forever, Heft 38, Nr. 6/20 [Metal Musik Magazin] (2.020)

- Fatal Underground, Nr. 53 [Mario Klein] (2.020; Metal Fanzine]

- Hermann Borgerding "Mein Mittelfinger dem Krebs" [BHN Books] (2.020; Gedichtband)

- Michelle Obama "Becoming, Meine Geschichte" [Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag/Penguin House Verlagsgruppe GmbH] (2.018; Autobiografie)

- Nura Habib Omar "Weisst Du, was ich meine? Vom Asylheim in die Charts" [Ullstein Buchverlage GmbH] (2.020; Autobiografie)

- Sybille Lengauer "Mottengedanken" [Rodneys Underground Press] (2.020; Gedichtband/Buch-Mischling)*


Sad Final Farewells 2.020 ~ R.i.F. /// R. I.P. 

- Martin Griffin

- Neil Peart

- Terry Jones

- Sean Reinert

- Kobe Bryant & his daughter Gianna

- Reed Mullin

- Andy Gill 

- Kirk Douglas

- Cavan Grogan

- Jason Rainey

- Heini

- Kenny Rogers

- Katrin R.

- Gabi Delgado-López

- Albert Uderzo

- Bill Rieflin

- Rüdiger Nehberg

- Bill Withers

- Honor Blackman 

- Margaret Burbidge

- Norbert Blüm

- Florian Schneider-Esleben

- Brian Howe

- Richard Wayne Penniman, aka Little Richard

- Betty Wright

- Jerry Stiller

- Gegrory Tyree Boyce

- Steve Hanford

- George Flyod

- Bob Kulick

- Joey Poole aka Joey Image

- Werner Böhm aka Gottlieb Wendehals

- Stephen Norman aka Steve Priest

- Paul Chapman

- Enrico "Enni" Hagen

- Ennio Morricone

- Mario "Majo"

- Christa Brandle-Krämer

- Peter Frederick "Pete" Way

- Frankie Banali

- Riley Gale

- Diana Rigg 

- Lee Kerslake

- Yuko Takeuchi

- Eddie van Halen

- Herbert Feuerstein

- Conchata Galen Ferrell

- Paul Matters

- Sir Thomas sean Connery

- Eddie Hassell

- Isy

- Udo Walz

- Karl Dall

- Diego Armando Maradona Franco

- Jonathabn Huber aka Luke Harper, Brodie Lee

- Markku Uula Aleksi Laiho aka Alexi Leiho