Februar 2014

Bild des Benutzers DannyB

Protzen Open Air

Infos: http://www.protzen-open-air.com/


Pungent Stench (AUT) - EXCLUSIVE SHOW IN EAST GERMANY -, Incantation (USA), Totenmond (GER), Prostitute Disfigurement (NL), Grimfist (NOR), Paganizer (SWE), Space Chaser (GER), Korpus (GER), Dehuman Reign (GER), Bloodpunch (GER), Vader (PL), Harmony Dies (GER), Deserted Fear (GER), Rogash (GER), Carnal Ghoul (GER), Bloody Invasion (GER), Desrepute (GER)

VVK: 35,-€

AK: 45,-€

Ticket pro Day: 28,-€ (incl. dues)


Bild des Benutzers DannyB

27th. Satanic Stomp

more Infos: http://www.satanicstomp.de/


(Satirday, 19.04.) Frenzy, The Long Tall Texans, Rock-A-Billy Mafia, Sir Psyko And His Monsters, The Caravans, Damage Done By Worms, Blue Rockin, The Monsterklub

(Sunday, 20.04.) The Sharks, Mad Sin, Restless, The Astro Zombies, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, Peter Pan Speedrock, The Silver Shine,